About us

Senior Tainment is a business venture that has been founded and registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC) Reg no:2017/280467/07. It is owned and managed by an experienced African Male who formerly worked and coordinated a lot of events under a company called Eyakho Entertainment both as a director and an artist as the group also did music. The company is based in the Mbombela Local Municipality, Mpumalanga Province.

The company was founded after the director Mr C Mnisi aka “Senior General” identified a gap in skills development and infrastructure in the music and arts department.  Its primary focus is events management, artist management as well as talent identification and enhancement.  The secondary goal is forming a music and arts empire that will not only have a record label but a music and arts school as well that will help curb a lot of societal ills including the abuse of drugs and alcohol, through the involvement of the youth in music and other art related activities.

Senior Tainment also has a programme titled Geleza Mreppa that is aimed at encouraging young people especially those that are interested and or involved in the music and arts circles that irrespective of how dedicated or talented you are in what you do, be it rapping, deejay, soccer, basketball etc, Education still remains the strongest most powerful weapon on earth, hence the term Geleza Mreppa. Geleza Mreppa means get educated young person.


The company is 100% black owned and it seeks to empower and employ a few more talented black people in the near future.


To make Senior Tainment the biggest most recognized record label/events management company of note.  To tap into markets that have never been exploited before and give hope and courage to all the young talented children in the townships that think owning big/successful companies is only for certain race groups.  Senior Tainment is going to be that one record label Mpumalanga never had that will bring all the activities that were previously known to only be happening in certain provinces, and furthermore provide a home for young talented musicians so that they do not always have to go to other provinces to get recognition and success.

We will also venture into other business outside of the entertainment cycles just to broaden our horizons and create employment for as many young people as we possibly can.  We believe in the concept of Geleza Mreppa which means young people should get educated, especially those in the entertainment industry so by venturing into outside business and not just in the entertainment industry we want to send a message to young people that you can be a rapper/dj and still be involved in construction, electrical work, social work etc

Our mission is very simple, we want to be the best in the business.  We already have

(i) Geleza Mreppa Music Competion – a social outreach programme which encourages upcoming rappers to supplement their talent with education.  The aim is to get them bursaries as part of the prizes for the competition.

(ii) Senior Tainment App – This is a digital platform that has been created by Senior Tainment for all musicians to upload their music and generate links for their fans to download.  The secondary objective is to get artists to sell the their music on the app so they can also generate some revenue for themselves. The App is available on Google Play Store for downloads.

(iii) Senior Tainment Publishing –  Senior Tainment is a registered legal publisher and is already publishing a lot of artists’ music.

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