Geleza Mreppa Music Competition

This initiative is aimed at unearthing and enhancing raw talent from the townships and nurturing it into recognizable brands. The aim is to run a music competition across all genres and have one winner who will be voted for by the people with oversight from a panel of judges. Artists will send in their demos via email and or WhatsApp from which 10 songs will be selected for the final competition. An event will then be staged where all ten contestants will come and perform their music.
The list will be downsized from ten until we get to the final two from which a winner will then be picked. The voting will be transparent as it will be the audience that will be doing most of the voting.

The date for the competition is 26 August 2017 at Mthimba Tvet .College, Masoyi, Game

• Objectives

• To familiarize the youth with concept of Geleza Mreppa and what it entails.
• To boast self-confidence and morale to the youth.
• To teach them the art of knowing how to work under pressure.
• To unearth and enhance raw talent.
• To show the black child that it is possible.
• To provide a platform for young talented musicians to showcase their talent.