Senior General was born in June 11 in Mpumalanga Hazyview, South Africa. Mnisi was raised in a sub-township called Game in the outskirts of Mbombela formely known as Nelspruit. Game is a township previously known for its high crime rate, as well as its lack of infrastructure and opportunities. Growing up in the dusty streets of this neighborhood saw Mnisi want to make it big in life and make a difference in other people’s lives. As a kid he had always wanted to grow up and become an engineer.
Senior General then fell in love with writing as he was growing up. He started from writing love letters and poems in high school and went on to writing essays and short stories. He was once crowned the ‘best essay writer in high school’. He then advanced to writing songs and novels.
“I believe one can’t lie when they are writing, lying while writing is worse than lying under oath because here you are lying to yourself.” He explains.

Senior General was introduced into rap/hip-hop music by his late friend (HARRY ‘GUN FORCE’ NGOMANE) back in high school in 2001. Senior used to watch Gun force rap and wondered how he could memorize so many words at once. He had never been the type of person that would sell himself short hence that was the reason he then took the bold step of asking Gun Force to teach him how to rap. Inspired by international stars ‘TuPac Shakur’, ‘Nas’ and SA superstar ‘Zola’ he graduated with flying colors. It is during this time that him and his friends formed a rap group called Eyakho.

His affiliation under the rap-genre umbrella saw his grades drop decimal at school and his dream of becoming an engineer come into utmost perish. His love for rap music grew colossally. In here he found an opportunity to put his writing skills into good use and see his new dream of becoming a rapper into reality.
“Call me naïve but I refuse to conform to the common norms of having a nine to five job and working the whole month just so you can have enough money to be broke. God gave me a talent and I am going to enhance it and put it into full utilization.” He would say.

Senior recently started his own label titled Senior Tainmet. Where he intends to open opportunities for other young talented musicians that seek exposure and recognition. The idea is not to sell people empty dreams and promise them record deals but to assist where ever it is possible, be it in the form of…

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