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  • Wachikondi_Wanga_(Prod._by_NaXion)._Radio_Edit.mp3
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    Durban-born blood brothers, Siyanda "Tobee" Ngcongo and Mveliseni "Lettie" Ngcongo better known as a music duo called T.L, finally drop a romantic hit single titled 'Wachikondi Wanga' meaning 'my person' in Chichewa, a Malawian language. They are featuring a Malawian-born artist by name of Timoz who also helped with the translation of the lyrics and song naming. The Amapiano inspired tune is aimed making people dance while celebrating their romantic relationships with special or significant others. "My girlfriend and I are always doing a lot of fun and memorable things together so the idea of making such a song emanates from such experiences and which most poeple can relate so my brothers agreed that we create such a song," said Tobee. The versatile Hip Hop duo decided to explore a different sound and one that has been dominating the South African music mainstream lately. "We decided to go with Amapiano because we are not boxed in one genre and we are not afraid to explore," added Lettie. As a duo that is proudly South African and one that is totally against xenophobia, they saw it fit to convey African unity by working with Timoz from Malawi and to give the song a Chichewa title.